Precautions: Precautions When Climbing Mount Batur

Precautions for Climbing Mount Batur: Climbing a mountain is not just about conquering the peak and then taking photos while at the top. You can also use this natural tourist activity to get your adrenaline pumping while doing sports. For most visitors, climbing Mount Batur is not that difficult. On average, climbing to the top takes only two hours. There are even those who can reach the top in less than an hour and a half. Of course, it depends on your fitness condition.

In our previous article, we discussed tips and preparations for climbing Mount Batur, which you can use as a guide before deciding to climb this mountain in Batur Kintamani village. In this article, we will provide information regarding taboos that you should not ignore when climbing Mount Batur. Often, we see some climbers shamelessly ignoring these things. Therefore, we created this article as a reference for those of you who have plans to climb Mount Batur shortly.

Mount Batur is a holy place.

Perhaps almost the same as several mountains on the island of Java, several mountains in Bali are also considered sacred places by the people. Likewise, Mount Batur, a mountain with a height of 1717 meters above sea level, is a mountain that is considered second holy after Mount Agung.

According to the story written in the Balinese Susana Lontar, Mount Batur was once the peak of Mount Mahameru. In Buddhist cosmology, Mahameru means holy mountain. It is said that the peak of Mount Mahameru was once moved by Bathara Pasupati to the island of Bali to maintain the balance of the island so that it would not sink.

According to the beliefs of Hindus in Bali, Mount Batur is now the palace of the goddess Danu. Goddess Danu is a symbol of fertility and prosperity, so her role is very important for the Balinese people. Apart from Mount Batur, Dewi Danu also has a stana at Ulun Danu Batur temple. Ulun Danu Batur Temple itself is one of the largest temples in Bali. This temple, which is located in Batur village, Kintamani, has a very important role for all Hindus in Bali. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from various regions of Bali come to pray at this place.


There are many choices of activities that you can try on Mount Batur. Two of them are sunrise trekking on Mount Batur with hot springs and a Mount Batur jeep adventure. Each Mount Batur tour price package that you choose will be accompanied by an experienced local guide, and of course, they will also direct you not to do things that are taboo on this mountain.

In general, several tourist attractions on the island of Bali have regulations that you must obey when visiting. This is the same as when you climb Mount Batur; on this mountain, there are also several restrictions that you must obey.

There are at least six restrictions on climbing Mount Batur that climbers and prospective climbers must know and study before visiting! What are the taboos? Check out the explanation below:

  1. Don’t climb during your period.

The first is for women who are experiencing menstruation. In Balinese Hindu religious beliefs, women who are menstruating are considered cuntaka, or dirty. Therefore, it is better to avoid climbing this mountain if you are experiencing menstruation. You can return to climbing at least after the third day of your menstrual cycle.

Not only climbing mountains but even during menstruation, women are not allowed to pray or visit temple areas.

  1. Don’t Climb a Mountain When a Family Member Dies (Within One Week)

Just like women who are experiencing menstruation, Hindus also believe that if a family member, such as your uncle, aunt, or cousin, dies, you will still be in the menstruation phase for 7 days.

This does not only apply to Mount Batur; for Mount Agung, Mount Abang, and Mount Batukaru, the same thing also applies. So, if something like this happens, you should climb after the seventh day has passed.

  1. Never change or even damage the signs on the hiking trail.

On each climbing route that has been provided, several signs can lead you to the top. Unfortunately, some are still determined to change or even damage existing signs. This, of course, can make other climbers feel confused, especially if they climb Mount Batur without using a guide; it might even jeopardize their safety.

Let’s together keep an eye on every sign we encounter on the hiking trail. Climbing is not only about prioritizing your safety; the safety of others is also no less important.

  1. Never commit vandalism.

Vandalism is a disgraceful activity. We often find climbers deliberately scribbling at several points on the climbing route and even in several places at the top of the mountain. With pride, they wrote their names or the name of the community to prove that they had reached the top of Mount Batur.

Unfortunately, without realizing it, this will make the view around the peak look bad. It will also reduce the natural impression of the mountain we climb. Therefore, we strongly advise those of you who want to climb not to do stupid things like that.

  1. Never take plants, rocks, or any objects on Mount Batur.

Taking objects from the mountain, both at the foot and at the peak, is also prohibited. For example, if you uproot some of the plants you encounter during your climb, this will certainly damage the existing ecosystem.

Apart from that, don’t take rocks in the Mount Batur area, no matter how small. There are indeed several types of stones that can be used as decoration and even as gems for rings. However, as we know that Mount Batur is a sacred place, what if the rock we took had an inhabitant? ­čÖé

  1. Never throw away trash; take all your leftover food home.

The last taboo is the thing that seems most trivial but is most often done by visitors to Mount Batur. We often see visitors who seem shameless about throwing trash carelessly in the area around the peak. This will certainly damage the scenery and natural beauty around the mountain itself.

Especially climbers who camp at the top of Mount Batur, more of them are reluctant to bring home the rubbish and leftover food they brought while camping. Come on, as wise climbers, don’t just prioritize experience and presence on social media; also pay attention to the area around where we climb. If we can’t take part in caring for it, at least we won’t pollute it.


OK, those are the six main restrictions when climbing Mount Batur that you must know and obey. Apart from having an adventure while exercising, let’s take part in preserving nature together. Be a wise, intelligent climber, and make yourself and your surroundings proud.

That’s some brief information from us about some restrictions when climbing Mount Batur. Hopefully, this article helps, and you can use it as a reference when climbing Mount Batur or other mountains in Bali.

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